DIY Statement Necklace

I love statement jewellery and this necklace is such a simple idea. I love the way you can use up the pretty off-cuts of your fabric to make something that co-ordinates with your outfit. This khaki and pink one below, from Cos, was the inspiration for the project.

I have used some plain wooden 25mm wooden beads from Beadpark– but you can find them lots of other places online too. The spacer beads to go in between need to have a large hole (at least 6mm). This makes them a little more difficult to find but it is really important to have a large hole so that your fabric can squeeze through. The alternative to spacer beads is to just knot the fabric between each bead as you can see to the right.

To create this two tier black version that has knots rather than spacer beads you need to use a stretchy fabric so that you can pull the fabric tight around the beads.

For a shorter, choker-style necklace you can use a fastener like the one shown here (this is a simple toggle and loop style.) But, of course, if you are making a longer one it will just go straight over your head.

Whether it is stretch or woven, make sure that the fabric you chose is as lightweight as possible. This spotty pink and black is a fine silk. The above black is a thin jersey, and the original pink is actually a fine net (which could look great over a coloured bead.) Here are some instructions to get you started:


  • Cut a strip of fabric approximately 10cm wide by the length that you would like your necklace.
  • Fold the fabric in half along its length a sew a seam, using a small stitch, that is 3.5 cm from the folded edge to create a tube.
  • Turn the tube inside out.
  • Alternate the beads inside the tube with the spacers on the outside of the fabric.
  • Cut the end of the tube to a point and the thread the point through the end of the clasp. Fold the end over and stitch into place.
  • Repeat with the other side of the clasp.