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The Essential Denim Dress is a gently fitted shift dress or tunic with cap sleeves. Its flattering diagonal bust line is echoed in the diagonal pocket. The three front panels mean there is lots of scope for mixing matching your fabrics with this dress.

SEPARATE PANEL FABRIC QUANTITIES AS SHOWN ON FRONT COVER DRESS (In some cases cut across the grain for economy)

150cm / 60” WIDE

FABRIC A – 0.5 m / 0.5 yds

FABRIC B –  0.25m /  0.25yds

FABRIC C (includes back) – 1m / 1yd 

Fabric D – 0.25m /  0.25yds

112cm / 45” WIDE

FABRIC A – 0.75 m / 0.75yds

FABRIC B -0.25m /  0.25yds

FABRIC C (includes back) – 1m / 1.25yds 

Fabric D – 0.25m /  0.25yds

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    • Laura Casey at 2:52 pm

      Hi Carol. This pattern was free for the first 2 years but since I have developed it into a multisize pattern I now charge for it. I’m afraid tha images still hang around Pinterest and I can’t control them once they are out there. Sorry for any disappointment. there are other free patterns if you look at the bottom of the site SHOP.

    • Laura Casey at 7:58 am

      Hi Lilian. This pattern was a free download for 2 years but, as I had so many requested, I have since graded it into a multisize pattern. I’m afraid that the “Free” adverts still kick around Pinterest and I have no way of taking them down. Sorry for any disappointment.

  2. Rae Shaw at 1:14 am

    Hi Laura, Im ready to purchase this pattern(paper) but when I click on it. It tells me for US sizes its from 4-16 then when I click on the link for details it goes up to size 22. So, exactly what size does it go to???? Because I need a size 20!
    Oh by the way, its the Essential Denim Dress, oh my goodness, I just love with this dress!!!!!
    Thanks so much,
    Rae from Missouri(US)

    • Laura Casey at 6:21 pm

      Hi Rae, whoops, we extended the range not long ago and I obviously haven’t updated the image. Yes, it does go up to a US size 22.

    • Laura Casey at 8:21 am

      HI HOLLY, There is good FBA tutorial on the Curvy Sewing Collective that you can apply to this dress. The darts on the dress do match either side – there is one hidden in the diagonal seam but you can treat it the same way as the other side.

      • Holly Neerman at 1:51 pm

        It came out great! Did a 1″ FBA & made it out of two colors of heavyweight linen. LOVE this pattern (For the record, it was my first pattern download. I was surprised it was so easy!)

  3. Sam Walsh at 4:49 pm

    I’d really like to try this pattern, but I am only a beginner-can you let me know if this pattern would be suitable for me to try. I’ve made three quite simple dresses so far in jersey – two with sleeves and I’ve just received my order for some scuba fabric from Fabworks that I think will look good in this dress. Thanks in advance.

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  5. Mags Murphy at 9:52 pm

    Hi, I am just in the process of pinning the pattern out. Is the 1.5cm seam allowance included already or do I add on an additional 1.5cm to the line using a patternmaster, say?

    Thanks, total beginner!

  6. Gillian Murray at 11:57 am

    Hi, I was at the show yesterday and bought the Essential Denim Dress paper pattern. I didn’t think to ask at the time but on the front of the pack it says ‘On Paper’ – ‘Online’ so I thought that it may include a code number to also get the pattern online. I can see now that you have to buy the online version separately.

    If I buy the PDF pattern is it an exact replica of the paper copy (very large so needing to be printed on a large printer) or do you get each panel on separate pages (but still needing to print quite large)?

    I’m a dressmaking beginner so apologies for the basic questions.

    Thank you, Gill

  7. Lynda Withers at 3:49 pm

    I purchased the paper pattern at Knitting and Stitching in Harrogate last year. Having just come to make the dress, cutting on the size 12 lines, I find the lines on the pattern for the POCKET INNER are so way out so that if assembled to the FRONT RIGHT PANEL according to the pattern lines, the fabric edges are way off lining up on the RHS when assembled according to step 2 of the pattern. I have been very careful in the cutting out. It is not made easy especially as the centre panel is marked with black instead of navy blue for the size 12 pattern. I would assume from the times it has been made that these errors would have been spotted and eliminated before now. Do you have a solution, perhaps a correct download of just this part of the pattern or an explanation of the cause of the problem. I am an experienced home sewer.

    • Laura Casey at 10:19 am

      If you email me I will send you an image of how the pieces align. I think you need to read further on in the instructions to see how the pocket is constructed.

      • Cheryl Bachelor at 6:25 pm

        Similar to Lynda Withers I have just come to make up the pattern after purchasing last year, and I cannot align the pocket to the marked crosses. I have tried stitching where it falls when aligning the bottom of pocket – but the side is then too long, when joining to the centre panel. If I match the crosses, the pocket ends up with a fold in it – can you send me the correction please.

  8. Rae Shaw at 12:08 am

    Hi, I tried to purchase the DOWNLOADABLE pattern and there’s a $3.00 extra fee! Why is that when Im going to download it?
    Rae in Missouri

  9. Momma Hol at 11:57 am

    I have made this dress 3 times now – Once out of heavy linen, and twice out of complementary cotton prints. I did have to adjust the darts a bit to accommodate larger ducks, but it wasn’t difficult for this advanced beginner sewer. I will be making it again and again. Also, this was the first download pattern i had bought. Once you piece it together and make your adjustments, trace it onto some wrapping paper (A great use for the holiday wrap that goes on clearance after the fact.) It made the pattern so much easier to keep and store!

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