sewing2011_04 I think I must be the only person in the European world who has come across this site, and that’s only because I have a Japanese friend who recommended it to me. Nani IRO is a fabulous website with lots of free patterns.party_one

She (the designer – is she called Nani IRO or does that mean something else?) is obviously becoming quite popular because where, at one point, the entire site was in Japanese characters, there are now some translations on there and the site is much easier to navigate than before.

pm2012-10There are loads of cuter-than-cute baby and children’s patterns. And interspersed with these are a few adult patterns and some lovely bag ideas. The Nani Iro site is actually primarily a fabric site and the clothes she makes are really a vehicle on which to show off her beautiful fabrics. They really are a bit special. Many of them have a hand painted look and a minimal modern feel. They have a distinct Japanese look about them (which is reflected in the price – expensive )pm2012-04

The only downside to the site is that the pictures are TINY. It would be SO nice to see them at a larger size. And there are next to no instructions. This is fine iminif you have done a bit of sewing like I have because you can work it out. Might be a bit tricky if you are a novice!

I really fancy having a go at this blue tulip shaped dress shown here. Lets face it, I have enough fabric stored in the spare room 2011aw_wanpito sink a ship and my husband would only be grateful if I actually used it on something. I will keep you posted as to when I get round to making it!sewing2010_05