leather-patched-cords Having seen a VERY desirable pair of  jeans in All Saints with over sized leather knee patches (see right), I set about recreating my own version of them. The patches are part of the trouser fabric and sewn into the leg along the side seams, almost as if the front of the leg has a patchwork effect.

I bought these cheap-as-chips cords and unpicked the trouser seams both sides just around the knees. I then pinned pinned in place 2 large patches of a soft tan faux leather. Then you have to just resew the trouser seams to hold the patches in place.

It’s more fiddly that just over sewing your standard patches but there is no doubt they have a really special look and I have had loads of compliments on mine! They cover 2 of this years biggest trends of leather and texture applique!allsaints-leather-knee-patches

Faux rhino hide leatherette was only £5 / metre (I bought 1/4 metre for this). It came from my favourite fabric superstore, Fabworks, (who are now selling online should you be tempted)

knee-patchHave a look at my FREE SEWING PATTERNS for the liberty print top I am wearing in the pic and my blog for more knee patches.