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monochrome-dress3The swinging sixties are an era that fill me with nostalgia even though I didn’t live through them. My parents regale me with tales of their student days as miniskirts and hippie chic swept through London. They did actually used to meet every Friday on Waterloo bridge just as the Kinks song goes.60s-dresses-1

This 60s style dress is a really simple pattern, but I think what makes it special is the fabric I’ve used. It was a very unusual material where the woven pattern changed dramatically across the width of the roll. It started off solid black, moved to the leaf pattern and then onto giant circles and then to white. I bought it without knowing what I was going to do with it.

monochrome-dress-detailIn the end, what better to do with something so dramatic than go short, simple and sixties! The monochrome mix of pattern fits the look perfectly (and the 60s vibe is in all the shops this winter.)

I’m afraid I didn’t use a pattern I can link you to, but this one here looks as if it would fit the bill if you did it without sleeves. It has a similar shape and the same centre front seam. I am giving you 2 links to look at. The first one has the link to the actual pattern about halfway down the page. The second link is just another version of the same pattern that is really nice. It’s always good to see a pattern made up in more than one fabric.monochrome-dress2



My dress is a take on the classic black and white dresses by Mary Quant – the originator of the miniskirt and hot pants and a key figure in the Mod fashion movement in London. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, have a look at for inspiration on sixties styling. There are loads of great original photos like this one below.

I also came across this Simplicity sewing pattern (1012) which would work really well in black and white just as it is shown on the front cover for an authentic swinging sixties look. I also have a whole Pinterest board devoted to sixties sewing and patterns which is full of ideas – have a look here!60s-dress-3

Have you see our new 60’s style collection of multi size patterns? Prices start at £6

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    • Laura Casey at 5:59 pm

      Hello Alexis – thankyou for pointing that out – very embarrassing! I have added a footnote to the post page with an alternative pattern for this dress. Cheers – Laura

    • Laura Casey at 5:59 pm

      Hello Christine – thankyou for pointing that out – very embarrassing! I have added a footnote to the post page with an alternative pattern for this dress. Cheers – Laura

    • Laura Casey at 5:55 am

      Hi Kay, have a look at the comment at the bottom of my post. It seems this pattern isn’t available for free download anymore so I have suggested an alternative. x

  1. Pam @Threading My Way at 11:14 am

    I did live through the 60s, Laura and wore many shift dresses. The fabric you have used is just perfect for the style – the black / white colours, the changing pattern with stark contrast and the geometric shape of the circles.

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  3. veronica at 1:22 pm

    Love this style it never dates and is so versatile. Can be worn out, to do the houseworkm , can be worn over your clothes whilst cooking to prevent fat splashes and seeing to the children.

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