How to choose a sewing machine

After a LOT of research into different machines,

reviews, articles and award sites I have come up

with a really simple questionnaire to help you in

how to choose a sewing machine

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How to choose a sewing machine. What to look for.

  • Budget: I would always spend my money on quality over number of functions with a sewing machine.
  • Stitches & functions: my machine only has the basics, so unless you are into embroidery or quilting then I wouldn’t be seduced by a vast range of stitches.
  • Motor: this equates to power and speed.
  • Noise: always worth looking at as noise often equates to vibration which can be annoying.
  • Durability: metal parts will last longer than plastic parts and a quality brand is always preferable.
  • Portability: can be important if you have to put your machine in and out of the cupboard regularly. Mine weighs a ton which can be the price you pay for a solid machine.


There are, in total, 20 of the best sewing machines included in my questionaire so, although you may sometimes find machines duplicated in results, there is a wide range to choose from. I have have included machines from a range of brands including Elna, Singer, Michley, Brother, Husqvarna, Janome, Bernina, Beldray, and Pfaff.

Just so you know, I don’t take commission from any particular brand, so I have absolutely no bias. I have gone with the opinions that I feel are from the most reputable sources. I have drawn on reviews from  a wide variety of sources including the Which reportThe Independent newspaper, Sewing Machines Explained, World of Reviews, The Thrifty Stitcher, Brighton Sewing Centre, Top Ten Reviews and Thoroughly Reviewed.

If you would like to do further reading here are a few good articles to help you make your decision. Have a look at the survey from Stitch and Sew just here that shows the features of each machine.

There is also a good few tips here from Craftsy about how to choose a sewing machine, although a few of the brands they mention I have never heard of so I am assuming are US exclusive.