If you are interested in collaborating with Sew Different please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Here are some info and statistics for you. The figures are, of course, constantly in flux but the trend is that subscribers and viewing figures are growing fast.


Sew Different has been up and running since December 2014.

The website offers a wide selection of sewing patterns to download for free as well as, more recently, multisize patterns to buy. Along with each, there is advice about which fabrics to choose and how to put them together. The emphasis is on simple, easy and modern designs and our patterns are often inspired by what is available on the high street. Sew Different has also recently launched it’s own boutique range of fabrics designed by Laura Casey.


Our audience is 95% female with the highest bracket being age 55-64, the second being age 35-45. The majority of viewers are from the UK and the US. Their interest are Hobbies & Leisure/Crafts/Fibre & Textile Arts and shopping


34K sessions per month, with 26K being new users, on the website (April 2019)

47K+ followers and 695K viewers per month on Pinterest

Over 5K+ likes on Facebook

5K+ followers on Instagram

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