Our fabrics are completely unique to us!

Every design is printed as a small run and comes from an original watercolour or drawing. Designer, Laura Casey, has a degree in Fine Art and has spent many years working with textiles before creating the Sew Different brand.

Click left to watch the design in progress

Designs are done on paper, initially, in a variety of media. This one is outlined in Sharpie and filled with watercolour.

Images are scanned and put into repeat on the computer. The background colour can easily be changed for a completely different look.

Our fabrics were designed primarily for garments and to compliment Sew Different sewing patterns. However, the weight and quality of some fabrics, such as the cotton and the linen blends, make them also suitable for quilting,  bag-making and interiors.

We have worked hard to source our fabric as close to home as possible for the least impact on the environment.

Our cotton is printed in Europe using sustainable print technology with minimised consumption of water, energy and chemical substances. There is 95% higher production efficiency than in traditional printing methods. Cottons used in the print shop are produced locally. They are OEKO-TEX certified and pigment inks are GOTS 5.0 compliant, OEKO-TEX 100 (Class I and II) certified.

We hope you love our fabrics as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to the (sewing) table for you. We love being part of the “slow fashion” movement where every creation is is a learning process and sometimes a work of art and original genius!