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  1. judith at 5:55 pm

    I love your 2 hour top but can you tell me how to get the pattern please?
    I think I have tried everything but no good.
    I would love to make one.

    • Laura Casey at 11:12 am

      Thanks! It’s a work in progress. It is pretty new and I am building on it all the time. If you make anything from the site please let me know how it goes. I would love some feedback. Happy sewing!

  2. judith at 11:29 pm

    Sorry but I forgot to thank you for the instructions you sent to me for the 2 hour top. For various reasons I have only just got around to making my pattern and have got some lovely material from Bombay Stores.
    Watch this space!
    Thank you
    Judith Hall

  3. ig at 7:16 pm

    Hello there! Would you mind if I share your blog with
    my twitter group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content.

    Please let me know. Thank you

    • Laura Casey at 1:17 pm

      Hi Karen, It’s a size 12 , but actually is pretty roomy and I think would fit a 14. Let me know how you get on with it. I would love some feedback about the instructions.

      Happy sewing – Laura

      • Laura Casey at 6:32 pm

        Hello again Karen, I should have mentioned that there are full instructions about how to resize a pattern to fit you on the sizing page. It’s not difficult and only takes a couple of minutes with a ruler to adjust it from the original. Let me know how it goes. x

    • Laura Casey at 1:36 pm

      Hi Emine, I have tried to do the measurements on some of the patterns but the biker jacket is just too difficult with all the curves and irregular angles. I will have a go this weekend at finding a way of making it simple and I will let you know if I can do it. Laura x

  4. Judith at 7:39 pm

    Hi, I really love your patterns and want to make the Biker Cardi. My computer runs Windows 8 and it will only give me the option to open as a PDF so I cant get how to make it larger format to print the tiles. It is only coming out A4 size. Do you have any ideas?

    • Laura Casey at 7:49 pm

      Hi Judith, It should open as a PDF – that’s right. But it really needs to open in Acrobat Reader which is a free program that opens PDFs. If it is opening in Acrobat then you should be able to follow the instructions that are on the free pattern page. You go open the PRINT window and change the settings. If it isn’t opening in Acrobat you could download it from the internet (just search it). It will be useful for lots of other documents too and is very safe and easy to install. Does that help?

    • Laura Casey at 2:59 pm

      Hello Judith, I am in the process of revising the way I supply patterns after seeing yours and other peoples problems. I have sorted out the Biker Jacket Cardi. Now, when you click on the pattern, it should come up as a multipage document ready to print. Happy sewing!

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  6. Jesse at 5:43 pm

    I’ve just made a trial version of this top, and I’ll need to make it a bit smaller. Should I reduce it only along the fold and side seams, or along the raglan seams as well?

    • Laura Casey at 10:27 am

      Hi Jesse – I would reduce along the raglan seams as well. I resized it recently and found it needed it. Happy sewing


    • Laura Casey at 9:25 am

      I would have thought it would be good for a curvy size. Diagonals are supposed to be particularly flattering and it is not clingy – or shapeless – but somewhere in between. x

  7. Trish at 9:52 am

    Just found your blog, which is so interesting. Thanks for the free patterns, particularly the denim dress. It looks great, and the perfect way to use up extra metres that you buy on spec. I look forward to reading your sewing info posts too.

    • Laura Casey at 7:49 pm

      Thankyou Trish. Yes, you could go mad with a hotchpotch of leftovers with that pattern. Let me know if you make anything. I was thinking about starting a posting area for people to show their versions.

  8. Kerry Rutherford at 7:06 pm

    Love this! But could you please point me to the pattern? I have some denim ready and waiting for a pattern as fabulous as this!

  9. Angela at 3:20 am

    Hello. Thank you for the free pattern. Can’t wait to make it. However, when I click on the link, it only gives one page that shows how to put the pieces together; not the actual pattern pieces. How many pages total should there be? Thanks for your help!

    • Laura Casey at 8:48 am

      Hello. It’s a bit tricky because they open differently on each persons computer. I think that the PDF (which is all on one large sheet) is probably opening up in your web browser. You need to open it in Adobe Acrobat to be able to print it at full scale (you print it on A$ sheets and tile it together). You need to save it and then re-open it through Acrobat. There are full instructions on the free patterns page. Let me know how you get on. x

    • Laura Casey at 2:58 pm

      Hello Angela, I am in the process of revising the way I supply patterns after seeing yours and other peoples problems. I have sorted out the Essential Denim Dress. Now, when you click on the pattern, it should come up as a multipage document ready to print. Happy sewing!

  10. Scones at 10:25 am

    love the look of this dress. Do you think it would work it I made it kneelength (I have horrible knees which I don’t want to show!)

    • Laura Casey at 4:10 pm

      Yes, definitely. But I think you might be better to alter the shape to be less A-line and more straight / fitted. I think it could look a bit frumpy if it was that long and A line. Try using the shape of the skirt from the Parisienne Dress – x

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  12. Jesse at 6:10 pm

    This is lovely! I have a similar dress pattern that I’ve used so many times I can’t even remember where I got it, but it works in almost every type of fabric. It’s quite A-line, and I was wondering about making it slimmer; now I think I can see it working.

    This would also be a great way to save some of my other botched dress experiments, as I know they contain enough fabric for a dress, but not in single large pieces!

  13. Jesse at 6:12 pm

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I used old shirts for these, so I’m afraid I can’t say exactly how much fabric I used. (I have to admit the front fastenings were just the way the original shirts were – I’ve yet to successfully make a buttonhole.)

    • Laura Casey at 7:00 pm

      Hey, what a great idea with the shirts. Yes, button holes – I avoid them like the plague! I have put a link to your blog on the bottom of my post about the 2 hour top so people can see them!

    • Laura Casey at 6:13 pm

      Thanks Karin. It’s really easy. Send me a pic when you have finished. I am starting to put link on the bottom of the post of other peoples versions.

  14. Adam at 4:26 pm

    I tried to print this pattern, unfortunately, I didn’t success because only the first page is printed and I didn’t find the other pages.Help me please.

    • Laura Casey at 8:44 pm

      There is only one large page. It should tile out in lots of pieces that you stick together if you follow the printing instructions. It is important to open it through Acrobat, not through your browser. Choose PRINT. Look for Page scaling and change the setting to: Tile large pages. Set the Tile scale to 100% and the Overlap to 0. Then Print. I hope this works x

  15. Michelle at 1:20 pm

    Love the dress, looks great. I’m having problems printing the pattern. I can only seem to get the overview one page no matter how much I mess around with Acrobat. Will keep trying as I really want to give this pattern a go. If anyone has any ideas how I can get the full print out – help appreciated!

    • Laura Casey at 2:40 pm

      Hi Michelle, There is only one large page. It should tile out in lots of pieces that you stick together if you follow the printing instructions. It is important to open it through Acrobat, not through your browser. Choose PRINT. Look for Page scaling and change the setting to: Tile large pages. Set the Tile scale to 100% and the Overlap to 0. Then Print. I hope this works x

    • Laura Casey at 2:39 pm

      Hi Ashlynn, I came across you on Pinterest yesterday – love the name of your site! Feel free to share my stuff on your website but please link back to my blog posts rather than linking directly to the PDFs ( I can see you do that anyway). I will upload some of my patterns to your Pinterest board – thanks for the invitation. Laura x

      • Ashlynn at 3:26 am

        I’ll be sure to link directly to your blog and also change that in the other tutorials I have up. Not sure what people prefer more but going to blog definitely makes sense now that you say it 🙂

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    • Laura Casey at 5:59 pm

      Hello Alexis – thankyou for pointing that out – very embarrassing! I have added a footnote to the post page with an alternative pattern for this dress. Cheers – Laura

    • Laura Casey at 5:59 pm

      Hello Christine – thankyou for pointing that out – very embarrassing! I have added a footnote to the post page with an alternative pattern for this dress. Cheers – Laura

    • Laura Casey at 5:55 am

      Hi Kay, have a look at the comment at the bottom of my post. It seems this pattern isn’t available for free download anymore so I have suggested an alternative. x

  17. Maureen at 9:29 am

    Hi Laura, thanks for a fab site. I’m not far from you so can’t wait to call in one Monday and see what fabrics you have there. I’ve downloaded and printed the Essential Dress pattern and am looking forward to making it, however I can’t see any mention of how much material this pattern should take for an average size 12. I know it’s made up of different fabrics and that’s how I intend to make it, however it would be helpful if I knew overall how much fabric is should take. Thanks x

    • Laura Casey at 7:46 pm

      Hi Maureen, I’m afraid I have not been organised enough to take note of how much fabric each pattern needs. It’s something I need to start doing but at the moment I can’t help with that – maybe you could work it out from the measurements? Regarding the Monday drop in, that’s run by Donna, not me. Maybe you saw it in the magazine and it all looked like part of the same company. We just know each other and decided to combine our things on a page!! She is lovely and the sewing studio is a great sunny room with people dropping in and out most of the day. Maybe I will see you there as I drop in for a cuppa sometimes.

  18. Pam @Threading My Way at 11:14 am

    I did live through the 60s, Laura and wore many shift dresses. The fabric you have used is just perfect for the style – the black / white colours, the changing pattern with stark contrast and the geometric shape of the circles.

  19. Savannah at 3:30 pm

    Are there instructions to go along with the pattern as well? Just figured I would ask before tackling the project, I’m still very much a beginner sewist. 🙂
    Thank you for your very wonderful free patterns!

  20. Savahna at 10:29 am

    I love your patterns, especially the 2 hour top, but I don’t see any reference about seam allowances. Do your patterns include seam allowances, and if so, what is that measurement?

    • Laura Casey at 6:34 am

      Hi. There is no seam allowance. But just to warn you that the 2 hour top is quite a big size. More of a 14 than a 12. If you make it up, perhaps you could let me know how it goes. It was one of the first ones I ever did and perhaps I need to redraw it for a size 12. x

  21. Cucicucicoo at 10:20 am

    *LOVE* this dress, how color-blocking is built right into the pattern, how it’s asymmetrical, how you can upcycle fabric for it, the side pocket. Great pattern and can’t wait to try it out! I featured it (obviously linking to this page) as the “Free Pattern of the Week” of my weekly newsletter. Thank you so much! 🙂 Lisa

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  23. Anne-Marie Steinmetz at 1:32 am

    Dear Creative Laura,

    Have you looked closely at the seperate instructions? In my world they are not making much sense. In 1- there is no center line to go on a fold. 2- dart only on one side. 3- talks of a “front pleat”…There is no pleat that I can see. After that, the colors of dots are mixed up as well.

    The directions ON the pattern itself are OK.

    Maybe it is me…. Would not be the first time, but boy, IF there are pleats and things to go on the fold, tell me quick !!!

    I’ll be cutting soon. Will send picture. I’m in sewing class @ local community college here in So California with inspirational Italian seamtress.

    • Laura Casey at 9:14 am

      You’re right. It doesn’t make any sense at all – that’s because the wording is the tutorial for the Tulip Dress and the pics are for the Denim Dress. How on earth have i done that!! Let me sort it out and I will get back to you. Sorry!!

    • Laura Casey at 9:28 am

      OK Anne-Marie – it’s sorted now. Thankyou for bringing it to my attention. I can’t imagine how many other poor people have puzzled over it before giving up. I can’t wait to see your version of the dress. It will be the first one I have seen someone else make. Please let me know if there are any problems with the pattern or instructions – I welcome feedback!!

  24. Julie at 12:51 pm

    Hi Laura,
    Your site and generosity are amazing! I’m planning on making this cardi soon so thanks much. I will have to adjust the size and it would help me to know what the dimensions are for a UK size 12, your reference point. I’ve looked online and found a range of responses.
    Gratefully, Julie

  25. Judith at 12:38 pm

    Roughly how much fabric would this use? I have. Single duvet cover which I want to reuse and wonder if this will be enough? Love the pattern by the way!

    • Laura Casey at 9:52 am

      It takes 2.5 – 3m depending on width of fabric. I would think if you position carefully you could do it out of a single duvet cover. And if it doesn’t quite work you can always put a seam up the centre front and back of the skirt. The drapes mean it wouldn’t show much and makes the pattern shape much more manageable. Let me know how it goes. Have you read the post? The only tricky bit is easing the reverse curves…..and thats easy enough once you know what your are doing. Happy sewing. x

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      • Laura Casey at 6:59 pm

        Martine – I have added the link to your blog (and picture when you have fixed it) to the bottom of my post on the 2 hour top. Thanks for sending it in x

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    • Laura Casey at 7:34 pm

      Hi Doris, it is a size 12. Have a look on the Making a Pattern Fit page to see how to adjust it to fit you. x

  32. Silvia Stillens at 8:48 pm

    I am going to make it. Might have to adjust the size a bit but if I can I will load a picture when done.

    Thank you very much.

  33. Bunny at 10:49 am

    Just found your page and blog and am so impressed with your designs. You really should sell them. They are so much better than most of the PDF fashions I see out there and while you say your are not an expert sewist, you have a great sense of design and space. I really like that you are not loaded with ads and find that really appealing. I will recommend you page to my blogging friends. Will be following.

    • Laura Casey at 7:08 am

      Thankyou so much for your lovely feedback. I have though about selling them, or maybe doing a paid for range and keeping the free range too.

  34. Katie King at 1:10 pm

    can you share where you got that orange fabric?. It’s the perfect color and I can’t seem to find it anywhere!

    • Laura Casey at 7:07 am

      Hi, just a remnant I’m afraid. Don’t know where you are based but there is a huge and fabulous warehouse, Fabworks, in West Yorkshire – have a look on my where to buy fabric page. They still had it in when I went last week.

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    • Laura Casey at 9:23 am

      Hi, yes there are sleeves (marked SLEEVE right at the top). They are on folded fabric so possibly don’t look like a normal sleeve shape. x

  36. Abena at 8:09 am

    Thanks for the advice. I recently sewed a romper for my baby but the neck is all loose and flappy, having used a zigzag stitch with a turnover. Do you think facing it might be more effective and get rid of the looseness?

    • Laura Casey at 9:17 am

      I take it you’re sewing with a stretch fabric? These are alway tricky around the neckline. You need to stabilise it – yes, a facing could sort it out. I would stay-stitch it first, (have a look at the stay stitch page on Sew Different,) check it doesn’t bag out, then use a facing or an elastic trim. You can get loads of really pretty ones that look like lace or ricrac that will also help to hold the fabric in place. x

    • Susan Ramsayworldpresscom986 at 7:35 pm

      If you can weave skinny elastic (it comes on a spool) through the zig zags, you can tighten the neckline.
      Waaaaay back in hi school my friend showed me how to do this for stretched out sweater necks.
      Thanks, Darlene.

    • Robin at 8:29 pm

      Sewing with nancy has a youtube video tgat shows sewing in clear streach elastic in the neck line to hold shape and have some streach and sprong back motion. Pretty cool.

  37. Imke at 2:01 pm

    thank you for this pattern, it’s lovely.
    I printed it, I followed all the printing instructions. But when putting it together I realized that it was printed in portrait instead of landscape, maybe you should mention this on your blog.

  38. Jen Borcic at 11:05 pm

    Oops, I just did a trial of the 2 hour top – I completely forgot about size 12 being 2 sizes smaller than the United States. Guess, I need to do some adjusting before I go for the real thing 🙂 Thanks for the free patterns!!

    • Laura Casey at 5:32 pm

      Hi Lucy, have a look at the overview page to give you a good idea of what goes where. And you should see at the top of each page some numbers like: 1,3. This means row one, third one across (starting from the left). Or 4,2 means forth row from the top and second page across from the left. Hope that helps x

    • Laura Casey at 10:57 am

      I don’t have a pic of me wearing it I’m afraid. The panels can look a bit different depending on the fabric you use. Have a look at the Panel Tee to see some photos. It is essentially the same pattern but shorter. It does look very different because it’s made from a stiffer cotton fabric. The overall shape of the dress is just a rectangle with very little contouring to it.

    • Laura Casey at 12:40 pm

      Can’t remember exactly off the top of my head, but less than half a metre if you are just doing the front bits. Send me a pic when you are finished!

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  40. Simone at 5:25 pm

    Do I have to cut the fabric with or without seamallowance for the size 12.
    Do I need a zipper?
    When the dress is finished I will send a picture

  41. treizel at 7:19 am

    bonjour je chercher baucou de modelle et les votre son pas mal pour cree mest propre vetement mercie davencemadame treizel Sophie

  42. Lucy Daniel at 8:06 am

    Your Panel Dress, which size is the pattern is this? Im in search for sizes 6-8. AWESOME website. Thank you. XO

    • Laura Casey at 10:54 am

      Hi Lucy

      All the patterns are made in a UK size 12. For conversion to US sizes, see the making a pattern fit page. It also tells you how to change the patterns to fit your size. The panel dress is pretty easy to change as it just a basic rectangle shape. x

  43. Izy Pineda at 6:09 pm

    I really like the denim dress. Its also adaptable to wear at work. Very nicely done. This totally is now part of my summer sewing list!

  44. Wendy Ely at 6:57 am

    Dear Laura, this looks fabulous, thank you. I have a sister who lives in Greece, and wants me to make some simple sleeveless dresses for her. Do you have a pattern similar to this, preferably without zips or darts, as although I have been sewing for 35 years, I am terrified of both, and will also be making the dresses without being able to fit them onto her. Basically, I need a pull-on tunic-y, shift-y sundress, but have searched the net to no avail! She’s visiting me in the U.K in a week ( end of July, 2015). I know this is short notice, but a point in the right direction would be much appreciated. THANK YOU! ps I love the mix and match element!

  45. Wendy Ely at 7:10 am

    Hi Laura! just found this pattern after sending you a question about the essential denim dress. Would this work without sleeves, do you think ? My sister is visiting me from Greece next week, in need of some sleeveless summer dresses. (Greece might not have any money, but it still has sunshine!) I have some lovely bits of Liberty lawn, not all big enough for one dress but which would look fab in this. My original question asked for a(very) easy pull-on sundress- no sleeves, zips, darts or shirring(!)- basically a triangle with arm holes. can you help…please?! THANK YOU! xx

    • Laura Casey at 11:40 am

      Have you read the blog post that goes with it? It links you to the Panel Dress which is very similar (just longer). There is a step-by-step tutorial on the post that accompanies this pattern that will help with the Panel Tee.
      Send me a picture when you’ve finished.

  46. Stacy at 8:50 am

    This is darling! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas. You are very talented and gave me some wonderful ideas for creating one for my future grandchildren.
    You did not show the inside, did you sew anything on the inside?
    I am considering adding a small flap to the interior top edge to add either buttons, hooks, snaps, something, to hold up changeable fabric panels that I can purchase, such as 24″ to 36″ X 45″ preprinted quilt panels, or fabric panels I design, such as one modeled after our local zoo, or taking a camping trip, or baking cookies. I have other ideas for letters, numbers, colors, learning fruits & veggies, animals, etc. I have an embroidery machine, so it will help a lot, but fabric paint, permanent markers, and other media will work as well. But as I said I would love to know what you did on the inside!

    • Laura Casey at 7:14 am

      Hi Stacy, I had loads of ideas for the inside, like curtains on little runners that you could open and close, pockets for storage, clip on room dividers etc. But in the end I ran out of time (I was making it to a deadline). But the thing I wanted to do the most was create a letterbox in the front door (UK style – I don’t think you have this in the US) and then lots of little fabric padded letters and wrapping for parcels. I think anything that is interactive works well for kids. I would love to see what you do. Please send me some photos when you’re done. It sounds like quite a project!

  47. Heather at 4:08 pm

    Hi Laura! I like the look of this top but am located in letter-size paper land. Any possibility of a letter-size pattern for this one?


  48. Orlandrea at 4:42 am

    I’m going to try this with some pretty quilting cotton. About how long would this dress take to make? Also, is there an option to make it sleeveless?

    • Laura Casey at 7:28 am

      It’s quicker to make than most dresses as it is only 2 pieces. I could make it in 2 or 3 hours but I have mad it before which speeds things up. The sleeves are built in, but you could re-cut to give it a sleeveless line. Make it as the pattern shows and then draw round an existing sleeveless top that fits you well to see where to cut. Take note that a sleeveless shape is usually slightly different on the front to the back. The curve cuts in slightly more at the front so your arms can move forward. I would love to see a picture when you’ve finished. You can email it to me and it will go in the newsletter. x

  49. Jewell Hall at 9:42 pm

    I have an outfit that I love,but don’t wear it very often, the sleeves are small, how doI enlarge them? I do not wear sleeveless. I have big arms!

    • Laura Casey at 3:14 pm

      This is a tricky job and you will need some extra fabric that matches your sleeve fabric. It will need to be a couple of inches wide (or however much extra fabric you need to make it comfortable, and the length of the seam on the underside of your sleeve from the sleeve opening to the body of the dress.) You will need to cut open the seam that runs along the underside of the sleeve all the way to the body of the dress. Into this split you will need to insert your new piece of fabric . Obviously this long thin rectangle of fabric can be square at the open end of the sleeve but will need to taper down to a point towards the body. With some care you can extend and the extra insert won’t be too noticeable as it is hidden under your arm.

    • Susan Ramsayworldpresscom986 at 7:37 pm

      I saw this on Pinterest for making bouses looser. Use lace to enlarge your sleeve.
      for blouses they shoed strips at the side seams or a triangle in the back with a bow
      at the top. Very cute. And lace is an “IN” thing now; or it was in 2016.

  50. Abigal at 4:43 am

    I love this top! Thank you for the free pattern! The only thing I’m confused about is when to sew on the Inner back. Would you mind explaining?

    • Laura Casey at 7:16 am

      Sorry, I’m away at the moment and don’t have access to the pattern, but as far as I remember, you sew the lining and outer flaps together just to hold them in place and then see them to the front and sleeves as one piece. Hope this helps.

  51. grace at 4:48 am

    hello there! i just did a mock up of this pattern and i do love it, but i wish i had read the comments beforehand because i totally didn’t add seam allowances and i could barely fit my head through the hole. ha. which of course is why i made the mock up. i’m just getting back into sewing after a loooong haitus and i just knew i needed to check it out before i used the fabric i had picked out for the finished top.

    • Laura Casey at 7:07 am

      Wow! This is gorgeous. It’s great to see something so modern and edgy. Would you mind if I used your pics on my newsletter? Would you me to reference you? And do you have any comments about the pattern or making it?

      • Izy Pineda at 4:47 am

        Sure you can use the pictures & my name. Thank you for the kind compliments. I build it by sewing the side panels from the hem base up to the shoulder seam & continued to the back base. I did top stitching for the neckline & hem base.

        Cheers & happy sewing!

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  53. Lauren at 3:55 pm

    Hi Laura,

    Thank you so much for providing free patterns and clear instructions, your site is wonderful. I’m only a beginner but you make sewing seem so simple.

    I made this dress and love it so much I blogged about it – I linked to your site and credited you, I hope that’s right. I posted some photos, my fabric is just plain, but I’m so inspired by Izy’s fabric, I can’t wait to make another one! You can check out my pics if you like:

    Thanks again!

    • Laura Casey at 7:39 pm

      This is fabulous Lauren. I love you colours – very subtle. I have left a comment on your blog too. Could I feature your make on my newsletter? I will link back to your blog of course!

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    • Laura Casey at 6:53 am

      Hi, Sorry the Panel Dress must have slipped through the net. I thought I had converted them all! If you have a look on the pattern page again you will find it in both formats now. Sorry for the delay, Laura

  55. Terri at 4:07 pm

    Do your patterns include seam allowances, and how much? For the fold lines, is the inside line to be placed on the fabric fold? Just found your site and want to start with the Panel Tee. Thank you.

    • Laura Casey at 4:37 pm

      Hi, no seam allowance on my patterns. They are all quite generously sized. And it is the outer line to go on the fold. Look forward to seeing the finished result. If you send in a pic I will feature it in the next newsletter – happy sewing

    • Laura Casey at 7:36 am

      Yes, unfortunately I didn’t take a note when I was making it. But I think the Parisienne dress would take no more than 1.5 yards.

  56. Sigrid at 2:49 am

    Hi Laura, I love your patterns and bought fabric to make the panel tee. I printed the pattern off, and have been scratching my head as to how to put it together, when I realized I mustn’t have printed it out correctly. I’m in Canada, so also need it to be sized for letter paper. I see the panel dress is already formatted for that, so is the length the only difference?
    Thanks, Sigrid

  57. Linda bennett at 12:59 am

    i have been sewing since I was 10 years old. Self taught and struggled with stretch sewing forever. Thank you so much for the tips. Wonderful blog.

  58. Sigrid at 12:13 am

    Hi again Laura,
    I tried printing off the pattern for the panel dress on letterhead, and had the same problem as with the panel tee……none of the pieces have edges, or any instructions on how to piece them together. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
    Thanks, Sigrid

    • Laura Casey at 8:11 pm

      Hi Sigrid

      There are no edges. There is an over view page at the beginning which shows you how the layout goes. From this you can see which piece joins where. Or if you are still struggling then you can look at the number printed very small in the corner of each sheet. You are looking at the numbers in brackets. Starting at the top left, the first number relates to horizontal and the second number related to vertical. So for example, (1,3) would be, from left to right, the first page across of the third row down. Or (5,7) would be the fifth pice across from the left on the 7th row down.They actually print out in order so once you know what you are doing it is quite quick. I think I will work on an explanation page for this as a few other people have struggled with it too. Can you let me know if this is clear .


      • sigrid at 4:14 am

        Hi, I see an overview page with the pieces already put together… that the one you mean? No edges on the pieces? Sorry for asking, but may I ask why not? Are we to cut the pieces across where the line ends? I’m also wondering why there are double lines in some places? Which is the cutting line? As with other downloadable patterns, I’ve found it really easy to put them together using a letter system with notches….A1 against A1 etc. Might that work for your patterns? Of all the patterns I’ve looked at online, yours are by far the most unique yet wearable, and I’m determined to figure out the panel tee!
        Keep up the great designing, and thanks for getting back to me!

        • Laura Casey at 10:59 am

          Thanks for the info Sigrid. I really need to address this if it is so unclear to you I think. I’m not at all sure what you mean either. These letter size (or A4 size) pieces of paper are to be stuck together to make one large sheet of paper, then you cut out each separate piece of the pattern along the solid black line.

          Most home printers will not print right to the edge of the paper so when you are sticking the pages together you will need to overlap a little to make the black pattern lines touch each other. If you trim the paper (or just fold the edges under) to the edge of the printable area it will become clearer. The printable area is subtly marked on with a little T shape in each corner. I have worked in graphic design for many years and this kind of thing is so obvious to me that I forget it is not common knowledge – so sorry for assuming – I didn’t realise I was making it so difficult.

          I am also going to send you a few pictures by email to make it clearer.

          A double black line, as on a commercial pattern, indicates a fold. So your fabric needs to be folded in half so it is double thickness and the double line has to run along the folded side of the fabric. (Your cutting line is the outer line of the double.)

          • Sigrid Gariepy at 3:35 pm

            Hi again Laura! I think I got it! Printed it off in portrait setting at 90%….lines match up, and there are instructions! I’ll keep you posted!

          • Laura Casey at 7:49 pm

            Great -but it needs to be 100% to keep the size right.

    • Laura Casey at 8:21 pm

      Hi Nicole. If you are buying fabric, the sleeves need less than 1/4 of a metre, the side panels need about 0.3 of a metre and the back & front together need 1 metre. But obviously the sleeves and side fabrics are so small you can often use off cuts or scraps rather than buying. x

  59. Teresa at 1:37 pm

    I made one that went over a card table for my great-nieces and when they out grew playing under the card table their mom cut it in half, cut the top off, used the top piece to make straps and put it on their bunk beds. They loved it.

  60. Andréa at 9:22 pm

    Hello Laura,
    Thank you for this adorable pattern. I would like to know if seam allowance (marging of sewing? Sorry for my english, I’m french 🙂 ) are included on the pattern.
    Thank for your answer and congratulations for your creations!

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  63. Regina at 8:19 pm

    Ich bedanke mich vielmals für diesen tollen Schnitt,mit dem auch eine Anfängerin zurecht kommt.
    Ich hoffe sie lassen sich den Kaffee schmecken.
    Ich denke ich kann auch die Ärmel verlängern ?
    Viele liebe Grüße Regina

  64. NewToSewing11.6.15 at 6:34 pm

    Thanks for the free pattern.
    Did it take more than 17 pages?
    I used “poster” also. It took about 17 pages to print.

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  66. Pingback: Laura’s #DIY Faux Taxidermy + Free Pattern | Refashion Nation
  67. Pingback: FO: Cable Ponte Coatigan (+ Dragonfly Fabrics Giveaway!) | makery
  68. Pingback: Sew-a-Long Results - Sew Recipe
  69. Pingback: Rudolph sewing pattern - Sewing 4 Free
    • Laura Casey at 10:44 am

      Hi Jenny – I’ve just had a quick look – its not very helpful is it? The red dots don’t exist. Gather along the bottom hem / edge of the back panel. I can’t give you an exact length as I am away from home this week and don’t have pattern here. But gather so that the top fits you very loosely round the waist – several inches to spare. You will belt it in at the end for a good fit at the waist.

  70. Pingback: Kreativ-Links, Teil 46 – Christmas Special – Abraxandria
    • Laura Casey at 10:20 am

      Hi Jennifer, sorry but the daisy fabric was just a remnant I got from a warehouse. I don’t even have any idea what company it came from. I suspect it may actually have been a furnishing fabric. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  71. Michele at 12:33 am

    I, too, was so disappointed to find this was no longer available. It is definitely worth paying for and I am happy to do so. Can you help? Thank you so much!

    • Laura Casey at 10:29 am

      Hi Helene, I’ve checked the link and it is working fine. Possibly something to do with your copy of Acrobat or your browser not working quite right? If you send me your email address I will send you the PDF file directly.

  72. Donna at 5:51 pm

    I’m all set to make this dress and I don’t see any blue measurements anywhere. I see the box that says if I’m drawing out the pattern myself to follow the blue measurements but where are the “blue measurements”? I’ve been sewing for years and feel comfortable with drawing my own pattern (also, yours wouldn’t fit me) but I need something for comparison. Thank you!

    • Laura Casey at 6:40 pm

      Aaah, I’m afraid only some of the patterns have measurements on them. I gave up doing it becasue so few people seemed to use them. I’m sorry I can’t provide them for this dress.

  73. Pingback: Cocoon Jacket pattern - Sewing 4 Free
    • Laura Casey at 2:25 pm

      HI Gail

      Your dress looks great. Like the fabrics you have used and the review. I’m sorry that it didn’t fit – but a UK12 is equivalent to a US8 not a 10. There is a chart on the making a pattern fit page. I also wonder if perhaps you didn’t have the pattern printed out at 100% hence turning out so small? You are right about the sticking together of the pattern being time consuming. A lot of people have said the same which is why I am forging ahead with the paper patterns. Good luck with your next project. x

  74. Gail Felker at 4:11 pm

    Hi Laura – I will double check the percentage next time – I just presumed it was at 100%. I was going by the measurements for a UK 12 and it looked like my measurements would fit, but you may be right about it not being at 100%. I should have done it on a muslin first – I’m usually too impatient for muslin. Anyway, it was fun and I’ve added to my experiences. Thank you! I’ll let you know if I try it again.

  75. Patricia anne Anderson at 1:23 pm

    can I purchase any of your patterns?They are so much more what I am looking for . I really like the top LC008..

    • Laura Casey at 1:41 pm

      Hi, yes, there will be several for sale soon – I am just working on them. But this particular one is available as a free PDF download in one size only at the moment. Just click on the orange link to download. If you would prefer a paper pattern please let me know and I will work on this one next. (Converting into multi sizes takes quite a while.)

  76. Sarah at 5:07 pm

    Love this pattern (& the tulip dress) but how much fabric would I need? I can’t seem to see that written down anywhere – or am I just not looking properly?

  77. Karena at 10:50 am

    It was love at the first time when I saw this dress. I made it without difficult, that´s the Glory for me
    When I wear it there where no day without a woman tells me she loves it.
    Thanks Laura!

  78. Debi Bainter at 7:08 am

    Hi, Love,love this dress,but,am wondering if g-oing to
    do pattern in US Plus Womens size. I’m a bilateral amputee and due to other ills stay in BIG Tshirts most the time. Your dress is exactly like I need and was quite dismayed that unable to get the Free pattern. As I’m on disability here but want this as looks so easy for my 11 year old gran. She sews for me!!! And is doing a great job….Thanks so much!!!!!

    • Laura Casey at 8:02 pm

      Hi Debi, I am just completing the dress as a paper pattern. It comes in UK sizes 8-20 which are US 4 – 16. However if this isn’t suitable for you, you could always scale it up by adding the extra width onto the central panel

  79. Beck at 8:44 am

    Hi I was wondering if I can get this pattern from anyone who has already downloaded it or if there is another link I can use to purchase the pattern for myself, thanks.

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  81. Jeanne at 2:33 pm

    Hi, please help me, somehow, I can’t buy you pattern. After giving my name and adress, and clicking on the Paypal button, there are no informations on the page to pay you. Would you please give me your IBAN, I can manage to pay you directly.
    Since I live in France (and i’m very impatient to sew your dress), the best for me would be a pdf ! via email.

    • Laura Casey at 9:04 pm

      Hi Jeanne, I’m sorry you were having problems with Paypal. I have changed it now and it should work fine. Please try again. I can email you a PDF in the morning once payment has gone though. Please let me know, if you prefer it formatted for A4 paper, American Letter paper or a single sheet for large format printer?
      Best regards

    • Laura Casey at 9:05 pm

      PS. I have changed the format so you do not need to enter your name and address. I will just use the one supplied by Paypal.

  82. Muriel at 9:11 am

    Hi Laura,

    I was about to cut out my fabric when I realised there was not mention about seam allowance. Is the seam allowance included in the pattern? And if so, how much is it? Thanks in advance for your answer

  83. Marilyn R at 12:49 pm

    I might give this a try, showing signs of sun spots on arms and chest and need a decent summer cover up with long sleeves and up to the neck! Dah!

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    • Laura Casey at 10:59 am

      Hi Chryl

      I’m afraid that most of the free patterns don’t come with instructions. I provide fully illustrated instructions with each of my paper patterns but it is just too time consuming to do it for all the free ones too. x

  86. Kellye at 12:08 pm

    I am a little past a beginner sewer. I want to sew knits but can’t find anyone to help me, they all tell me to forget it that they never sew with knits, but that’s mostly the type clothes I want to sew. I’m so frustrated. Thank you for this blog, I have hopes of being able to conquer this now??

    • Linda Simpson at 8:49 pm

      Knits are wonderful, but they are not all created equal: different fibers don’t all react the same in the laundry, some are fairly heavyweight, some very thin, some extremely stretchy & some not so much, some are slinky & body hugging, some are kind of stiff, they each have special considerations to make them “behave” while sewing. To help me develop techniques to help me with their differences I went online to, I have no relationship with them–only that I had used them in the past. You can get a bargain batch of quarter YD or more fabric weighing 5lbs with lots of variety, stretches & textures to practices sewing techniques on. Try different ways to hem, different joining stitches & even stretch threads til you get the look you like & staple notes to the samples. Sometimes these bargain lots are on sale, I think I paid about $15 or so. It was well worth it; I learned which knits were pretty easy to work with & which ones weren’t worth the trouble, without investing in fabric that I would only be disappointed in. It gave me the confidence to purchase knits I liked without apprehension.

  87. Lynn Kraus at 6:13 am

    Nani Iro could mean ‘What Color?’. Japanese is a little less precise than English.
    (6 1/2 yrs in Japan, I was fairly fluent at the time. I’ve never heard either ‘nani’ or ‘iro’ as names.)

    Thanks for the great blog and link.

  88. Jessie at 10:32 am

    Hi thanks for the patterns and explanations..
    Could you also post a picture on the shoulder inserts , I’m little confused here…

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  90. Michele at 1:48 pm

    Hi Laura,
    Back in January, you so nicely emailed me, free of charge, the PDF download of this pattern, which I absolutely LOVE. I haven’t made it yet, but was browsing your website and noticed it is now available for purchase as a paper pattern. YAY!! I just bought it! Chances of it being made are so much greater if I don’t have to tape (just me being lazy.) Cannot thank you enough for being so kind as to email me the PDF free of charge and cannot wait to get my paper pattern.

    • Laura Casey at 2:36 pm

      That’s great Michele. You’re right, its a pain in the bum taping them together, and the resizing can be tricky too if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Lots of people said the same which is why I brought out the paper version. Not sure where you are based but it’s a bank holiday here today so it will be in the post tomorrow. Make sure you send me a pic when it’s done!

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  93. Sue Ellis at 7:59 pm

    I am desperate to buy your new everyday dress so happy you have made some multi size patterns as I am terrible at sizing patterns up. As a size 26 the gap between a 12 and 26 is too much for me , and I love your patterns. The payment system on your site seems to be not working , I will have another go tomorrow. Thank you again for making the new patterns

    • Laura Casey at 12:25 pm

      Yes, it gets difficult when the size difference is more than a couple of sizes change. I have learnt a lot recently about sizing up and down and there is a lot to take into consideration other than just width. Thankyou for letting me about the payment gateway. I have just checked it and it seems to be fine from this end – sometimes it’s just an internet connection problem. Please let me know if you have any more problems with it. Happy sewing!

      • Sue Ellis at 11:16 am

        I have just tried again now and it is still not working, if you could send me your pay pal account details I will send you the money that way


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  95. Jacky at 4:26 pm

    I have just found your site (by accident) while searching for shops around Bradford that have Fent sales). I have saved you in my favourites as i need to come back a read some more when i have more time. so much information, really great tips AND free patterns-Thank you!

    • Laura Casey at 9:31 am

      Lovely to meet you Jackie! We probably live somewhere near each other. Have you tried to Fabworks in Dewsbury for fabric? Its great

  96. Carol at 5:44 pm

    I’ve downloaded two of your patterns, which I can’t wait to try. Before I do, however, I need a bit of info. When you say there is “no seam allowance”, do you mean that you haven’t specified a particular seam allowance or that we are to ADD a seam allowance when we cut, i.e. the cutting line is also the stitching line. Thanks.

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  99. Jane C.r at 2:38 am

    Jane C.

    Your pattern is perfect for a beautiful linen I have found. I do hope however that you will make it into an order-by-mail paper pattern!

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  102. Athena PN at 11:54 pm

    Any chance you’ll re-release the pdf (or print) pattern for this dress in the future, either as a free or a for-purchase pattern? I just ADORE this dress, it’s so cleverly designed and can easily be made for a younger or, ahem, not-so-young woman depending on fabrics chosen. What say you? 🙂

    • Laura Casey at 8:34 am

      Hi Athena – yes, it’s good for all ages and looks really different depending on the fabrics you choose. So different, in fact, that you may not have recognised it in it’s original form as the Essential Denim Dress which is available as a paper pattern here:
      You would just have to add some length and join two of the front panels for the style of the Asymmetric Aline Dress

  103. Cathy Bridge at 5:17 pm

    Hi Laura, I bought the pattern for the Parisienne top as I totally loved it. I have printed it off and pieced it together, and it looked very, very small. I am a size 12 so it should have been perfect, but, for example, the back length (nape of neck to waist) is 12″ and mine is 16″. The armhole is 8″ circumference and mine is 11″. is there any way to make the pattern appear larger in order to print it again please? I think even if I added in big seam allowances I would end up with a top that would barely fit my 11 year old! I am certain it’s something I am doing wrong, but if you could help please that would be great. Many thanks, Cathy

    • Laura Casey at 10:40 am

      Hi Cathy, I think you have perhaps done a “fit to page” without realising it. Sometimes its an automatic setting on your computer. It is essential that your scaling is on 100%. Look for scale and set it to 100%.Let me know if you have any more problems. x

  104. Cathy Bridge at 8:29 am

    Brilliant, thank you so much Laura, I’ll give it another go. Thanks also for getting back to me so quickly! Cathy

  105. Cathy Bridge at 9:00 am

    Hi again Laura, I am feeling quite shamefaced… I now realise that all I had to do was to print the pattern in ‘landscape’ format, rather than ‘portrait’… but if you could post this comment please it might save one or two others the same headache/waste of paper 🙂 thanks again, and I can’t wait to make my top now I’ve got the pattern right! Cathy x

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  111. Michelle at 12:35 pm

    I see the pattern set up for A4 paper but not, unfortunately, for American letter size paper. Did I miss it somewhere? I would love to try this shirt. Thanks!

  112. Stine Blankholm Nymo at 6:03 am

    I just found your site, and since I live in Norway its pretty expensive to get it sent, so I have to use the print out patterns. but that will work..

    My question is, Im a small, 160cm, and a 48-50 europeean size. As I read the adjustment tips, I should put on 24/5, ca 5 on bote side seams (front and back, and 5 cm at the mid front. But what abourt the sleeves and raglands? That want fit together…

    Do you have some good tips for a larger, but small girl :-)? Im a more kind of “no waist, with generousely bust…

    • Laura Casey at 11:32 am

      Hi Stine. I think Norway has just discovered my site. I’ve had my first 2 orders from Norway this weekend! It’s difficult with raglan sleeves. I would cut you bodice to the new size (keep all the angles the same – just extend the lengths where you need to) and then measure the diagonal where the sleeve should fit. Then extend your raglan sleeve to fit this diagonal length. Pattern cutting, especially for loose fitting shapes does not actually require rocket science precision. If in doubt, cut a little larger, try your garment on regularly as you are making it, and adjust as you go along.

  113. Ei at 5:23 am

    I love this pattern! I can’t wait to make it, but do you have a version of it that is on one sheet (I have a large printer) thank you!

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  115. Julie Sturgess at 8:46 am

    Hi I bought your lovely pattern the other day and am trying to print it out today….my printer is not printing the size out right and I can’t seem to alter it anywhere to print 100% like your test square tells me to do…the printer has all other size options like letter, legal, 8×10 etc but nowhere can I find 100%…any ideas? desperate to make this dress before my hols!!

    • Laura Casey at 6:25 am

      Yes, you are looking for SCALE. It will probably be set to fit to page automaticly – change it to 100%. It is probably on print set up or the very front page. Set your paper size to A4. Any more problems just let me know and I will try and find a detailed tutorial for you.

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  119. rekh at 4:40 am

    Hi dear. I read your blog everything you said it’s really very helpful but can you show in detail about neck thing that how to stabilise it. I have made one dress and my knit is very stretchable. I’m not happy with my neck line at all. It Will be great if you can solve this.

  120. LeChatPonti at 8:32 am

    Hello Laura,
    Your clothes are always beautiful. I would like to make this top, but I don’t understand where the tutorial is? Also, which size is it?
    Many thanks,

    • Laura Casey at 5:59 am

      Hi Charlotte, it is a UK size 12. There are some basic instructions printed onto the pattern. If you have a look at the PDF pattern pieces you will see them. However there is not a detailed tutorial as there is with some of them. Hope that helps.

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  131. Rainbow at 12:46 pm

    Hi, how do you sewing the belt to the top? is it a straight seam at centre back? also how do you fold to make the hem if the belt edge is attached so that it is parallel with the hem?
    Also are the instructions correct when it says to sew the side seams with “wrong sides together?”

    Like the pattern but I cant seem to figure out how the construction is supposed to be for these particular parts.

    Abit of ambiguity happening here, Thanks.

    • Laura Casey at 7:31 pm

      Hi, yes the instructions are pretty basic. I have amended them slightly to try and make them clearer. “Wrong sides together” is a mistake – I have corrected it to say “right sides together” – thanks for letting me know.

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  135. Pingback: 21 Jaw-dropping Dresses to Sew - Hobbycraft Blog
    • Laura Casey at 3:46 pm

      Sorry Alex but my free patterns don’t come with instructions. They are pretty self explanatory though – just take a guess.

  136. Pingback: Romantisches Top mit Glockenärmeln - Nähtalente
  137. Roberta at 4:47 pm

    Hi will definitely try this vintage top with a vintage silk I didn’t know what to do with!

    still have to find a different fabric for the modesty panel…

    thank you

  138. Janis Fletcher at 7:42 pm

    Hi Laura, please can you tell me if your PDF patterns include seam allowance or not? I’m just about to cut out and sew the Parisienne pattern and am poised with my scissors over the material!

    Many thanks.

      • Janis Fletcher at 3:19 pm

        Many thanks Laura. I do have another question, please. What do you recommend for finishing the neck edges (back and cowl)? I was thinking about making a facing for the back and oversewing/overlooking the cowl. I’m using a light woven fabric, rayon, I think (I was given it, so am not completely sure).

        • Laura Casey at 12:21 pm

          Hi Janis, yes, I’d say both those solutions would work. Mine was a stretch jersey so I just did a roll hem but actually a facing will help the shape hold better.

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  142. Diana Clark at 4:03 pm

    The top is lovely. I’m new to drawing a pattern, and cannot download it as I have no printer. Looking at the overview, and making sure the width is 28 cms I cannot make the armline 31cms. Can you advise where I’m going wrong?
    Thank you.

    • Laura Casey at 1:31 pm

      Hi Dianna

      I’m not sure where you are going wrong. I have double checked the pattern. The 31cm is right to the top – not to the pink neckline – maybe that’s it?

  143. Nicki at 7:23 am

    Hi can you please tell me how the back neck edge is supposed to be finished? Do I try to hem it after the shoulder seams are done?

    • Laura Casey at 11:24 am

      You can finish it with a small roll hem if your fabric will let you, other wise finish with bias binding – have a look at thhe help page and seaarch how to make and how to use bias binding.

  144. Tanja at 6:04 am

    Hi! Is it possible to get this nice pattern? I am always getting an error 404 ?!? Nice greetings from Germany 🙂 Tanja

  145. Shirlie Blackwell at 8:27 am

    This sounds just the perfect website that I’ve been looking for for quite some time now. Please add me to your mailing list 🙂

  146. Pam at 6:33 am

    I have just bought the biker jacket pattern but can’t find the video tutorial it refers to. The page says ‘404’

    • Laura Casey at 9:47 am

      Hi Pam, There is a tutorial in progress but it isn’t finished yet. I thought I had removed the reference to it -where did you see it?

  147. Diana at 6:43 am

    That looks lovely, It will be the perfect thing to own if you have a baby. I would love to throw this over my table and I love the fact hat this is so easy to assemble. I am going to buy one as they have design options too. Thanks for the amazing post.

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  149. Edna at 2:55 am

    I loved the dress, but not a fan of bust darts. So my take on this dress is to use a simple t-shirt top and a matching or complimentary color for the bottom of the dress.

  150. Pingback: Misty Trees Dress – l6aj418y
    • Laura Casey at 2:52 pm

      Hi Carol. This pattern was free for the first 2 years but since I have developed it into a multisize pattern I now charge for it. I’m afraid tha images still hang around Pinterest and I can’t control them once they are out there. Sorry for any disappointment. there are other free patterns if you look at the bottom of the site SHOP.

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  152. Carol at 1:35 am

    Hi, Laura! I love this top, especially your black and white version. I found a cotton barkcloth that I could imagine as this top. Do you think that fabric would be too heavy? Thanks.

    • Laura Casey at 11:19 am

      Hi Carol, I’m not sure what a barkcloth is to be honest. It works fine in a stiffer fabric but is worth noting that, as there is no dart, it might stand out from the body a little. But that is a style that is very on trend at the moment so you might be happy with that.

    • Laura Casey at 7:58 am

      Hi Lilian. This pattern was a free download for 2 years but, as I had so many requested, I have since graded it into a multisize pattern. I’m afraid that the “Free” adverts still kick around Pinterest and I have no way of taking them down. Sorry for any disappointment.

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  157. Jenny at 4:47 pm

    Hi. I love the dress. I totally understand the need to charge for your work but would you please update the main page of the post, so it no longer says “free pattern.” It seems deceptive to lure people in, and then announce it is not free any longer. Thank you!

    • Laura Casey at 9:34 am

      Hi Jenny. I know it is really frustrating for people and they feel they are being misled. I think what you are seeing must be on Pinterest which I unfortunately do not have any control over. Other people posted the original “pin” from my site when it was free and there is no facility for me to change it.

  158. Pegeth at 1:48 pm

    If you are going to be featured in all free sewing, your pattern should BE free. This is bait and switch of the nasty kind. Sorry I like the jacket but will not be buying something advertised as free.

    • Laura Casey at 10:43 am

      I understand your frustration but this pattern was free for 2 years before, after a lot of requests, I converted it into a multisize pattern. Unfortunately the original post still stay on Pinterest and I have no way of changing or deleting them. There are lots of other free patterns on the site at the bottom of the website shop.

  159. Christine Harrison at 7:51 am

    Hi. I am thinking of buying the essential denim dress pattern. Could I make it longer into s mid length dress? My height is 5ft

  160. Pingback: Previous Project: The Two-Hour-Top – Rippin' Stitches
  161. Mardee at 9:41 pm

    Here is now Nani Iro explains their name on the website – “Nani” meaning beautiful in Hawaiian, from the meaning of “IRO” in color and harmony.

  162. Michelle Tetley at 9:31 pm

    I know you have a pattern similar to this but I was wanting to purchase this pattern if that’s possible. I’ve just gotten back into sewing and I’m the type that needs a step by step guide of what I need to be doing!