Those pesky pockets on the Scoop Pinafore have been causing problems for one or two of you so I thought I’d do a more detailed photo tutorial …
This is how the pattern pieces match up
The POCKET at the FRONT does NOT butt right up to the BACK panel
Instructions Step 2 – With right sides together, pin and sew one POCKET to the corresponding SIDE PANEL, around the long curved edge, working from the upper edge to the dot.

(2a – Pin and sew POCKET to SIDE PANEL)
(2b – Sew from dot around edges)
(2c – POCKET stitched to SIDE PANEL)
Instructions step 3 – Turn the pocket inside out (wrong sides together). With right sides together, pin the upper curve of one POCKET edge to the corresponding edge of the FRONT piece, matching notches (NB: the pocket edge is deliberately offset from the edge of the FRONT).
(3a – Match free curved edge of POCKET to FRONT curve)
(3b – Pin from dot to upper edge of POCKET)
Sew the POCKET to the FRONT piece, from the dot to the folded upper edge of the POCKET.
(POCKET stitched to FRONT edge)

Trim the seam allowance to 6mm / 1/4 inch and notch the edge; turn this seam right sides out. Turn the pocket back the right way (with right sides in) and press the seam and pocket. 
Instructions step 4 – Right sides together, pin the dress BACK to the FRONT at the side seam below the POCKET and stitch, ensuring that you don’t catch the POCKET or SIDE PANEL in the stitching. Press the seam open.

(FRONT and BACK stitched at side seam)
Instructions step 5 – Right sides together, pin one SIDE PANEL to the corresponding BACK piece around the curved edge, using the notches to help with alignment.
You might find that using lots of pins, with their heads extending out from the edge, will help you ease and shape these seemingly opposite curves so that they match.
(Ease the pieces together, from dot to upper edge of SIDE PANEL)
(Pinned in place)
Stitch the seam, from the dot to the upper edge of the SIDE PANEL.
(SIDE PANEL stitched to BACK)
Trim the seam allowance to 6mm/ 1/4″ and notch the edge; turn this seam right sides out and press.
(Pressed and viewed from reverse)
scoop pinafore tutorial
Instructions step 6 – Right sides together, line up the POCKET and SIDE PANEL upper edges, starting at the seam, and pin.
Open out POCKET from the FRONT panel
Stitch them together parallel with the seam between the FRONT and POCKET, just inside the seam allowance, starting at the top, for about 5cm. This will hold the pocket neatly in place.
(Stitch POCKET and SIDE PANEL edges together for 5cm along seam line)
Seam trimmed, notched and pressed