The Dry-off Rucsac – 3 in 1 FREE SEWING PATTERN

By Laura Casey

The Dry-Off Rucsac is such an obvious idea that it has just been begging me to design it. I have spent the past few summers lugging stuff backwards and forwards to the beach thinking, Surely we could double up on some of this stuff. And so here it is, a large fluffy towel that zips up into…

My Sewing Projects – Over table play house

By Laura Casey

I love the idea of this space-saving instantly-up play house. How simple! You just throw it on over your table and there you have a ready made super-cute den. I first saw the idea on Pinterest and couldn’t resist it. I made this version for Harriet (who kindly modelled the baby blanket in my earlier posts).…

MY SEWING PROJECTS – Baby blanket with mitred corners

By Laura Casey

Isn’t she gorgeous? The baby I mean, not the blanket. But, actually the blanket worked out pretty well too I think. This was a present for Baby H when she was first born. I chose a range of fabrics in lilacs, purples and lime green – a favourite combination of mine. The blanket has a loose weave…

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