Hurray! Sew Different is proud to have been voted one of the Top 25 Sewing Bloggers of 2017, as awarded by The Sew Different website started out life as a blog with a range of completely FREE simple patterns to download at home and over the last couple of years we have grown from there. These free patterns are still available, along with our newer multisize range which you can also purchase on paper.

Top 25 Sewing Blogs of 2017

Last year we were very pleased to be in the Top 100 bloggers with the 2 Hour Top, which is probably my most downloaded free pattern. However, the pattern that won the most votes this year was the Curvy Drape Dress. It is available in a single size – a UK size 12 – and it comes as a download with some basic instructions. Here is the link to the original blog post where you will find the instructions and a link to the pattern.

I’ve seen quite a few made up versions of the Curvy Drape Dress from sewists over the last year or so, but my favourite one is by Instagramer, Deeqta,free sewing pattern for women who has made this fabulous green floral. She accompanied her picture with a conversation with her fabric which I just love. She says,

So Dear #greenfabric , I think you did good. You became a ‘good dress’. You could have been a ‘great dress’ if I had enough time to bring my A-game to this party.
No, scratch that: I must confess, I was too busy to work you out… No, scratch that too! The real truth is that perhaps I didn’t believe so much in your beauty, and so I just made you into something basic… but you won though! So classic, so easy to wear… I’m going to wear you a lot!”


free Sew Different pattern

And another of my favourites was part of Instagram’ s Me Made May and is by the very prolific Beckiegirl. Over half the garments in her wardrobe are handmade or refashioned. I love the gorgeous fabric she has used for this one.

So, have a browse for inspiration on All Free It’s is a great site packed full of completely free patterns and sewing projects. So perfect for using up your scraps or making a matching accessory for your outfit. One of my favourites is this Easy Colour Block clutch  by How good would that look with my Colour Block Dress?!!


NOTE: To find the full range of Sew Different free patterns have a look under Resources on the main menu bar. (They used to be in the website shop but I’ve moved them.)