chevron-skirt1Ok seamstresses, time for some tricks of the trade! This gorgeous maxi skirt is a summer staple and, let’s face it girls, chevrons are EVERYWHERE at the moment! I love this one from ASOS left and I even saw a chevron swim suit the other day. Unfortunately though, chevron fabric just isn’t everywhere. In fact it’s pretty hard to come by.

BUT, the good news is that my version here was created easily using a simple black and white stripe fabric – the chevron is all in the cutting. Get the FREE PATTERN here. This stripe fabric is from Fabworks Mill Shop. They have a great selection of stretch jerseys and now sell online.

The skirt shape is very simple and will really suit any jersey fabric. It is slim fitting at the top, gradually flaring out to a gentle A line to give you walking space. There are vents at the bottom to show a flash of ankle. It is REALLY easy to make on any plain or pattern jersey fabric and is also easy enough to make on any kind of stripe to create the chevron effect, although it does take a little more care and effort. The key to it is lining up your stripes correctly.








I diagram-1am going to talk you through how to achieve the chevron effect with a stripe fabric. First of all you need to fold your fabric at 45 degrees to the long edge – like this.

diagrm-2You place your skirt pattern along the diagonal edge as shown and cut your fabric. I have marked the straight edge on the pattern as being a fold BUT, what you are going to do is cut down that fold to give you 2 separate pieces. (If you are using a plain or regular patterned fabric then you can leave this as a fold – it’s just one less seam to sew.)

diagram-4You will end up with 2 striped panels but, as you will see, the stripes go the same way in both so you are not able to create the chevron. What you actually need are stripes going the opposite way.

So, repeat step 1 – you refold your fabric, but this time THE OTHER WAY, and cut again. You should be able to use one piece from the first cut and another from the second cut to create your chevron. Note: you will get one set of chevrons pointing upwards and one set pointing downwards. I personally like the chevron pointing downwards at the front of the skirt but you can use them either way.

Now lie your 2 front paneldiagram-3 on top of each other with right sides together, and, very carefully line up you stripes to create perfect Vs, then tack into place. I don’t usually bother with tacking but in this case it is essential as fabric often slips, or is pulled through your machine at different rates on the top and bottom.

diagram-5Once you have secured the chevron in place, then sew up your sides between the pink and the green dots that are marked on the pattern. Create a double layer waistband by folding the waist band in half along the horizontal.

I have LIVED in my skirt since I made it last week, and what’s more, I can imagine a whole host of other options using the chopped-up stripes style. Have a look at this fabulous dress from J Crew (below) and the other from Karen Millen (right).chvron-millen