The Cocoon Jacket is a real comfort coat. It hangs off the shoulders and bubbles out, coming in again just under you bum, concealing all and enveloping you in cosy cocoon of warmth – hence the name.

The Cocoon Jacket is no longer available as a free PDF download. I have been inundated with requests to provide it as a multisize pattern so you can now find it here either on paper or as a PDF download in sizes UK8 – 26. (Sorry for any disappointment, but there are lots of other free patterns  so please have a browse.)

The Cocoon Jacket is such a simple shape and is very easy to put together, but the beauty of it is in the subtle details such as the oversize cuffs that just differentiate themselves with their contrasting texture and the notches around the neckline which stop it looking too boxy. The front panels are lined so you get flashes of the inside fabric too.

I have made the Cocoon Jacket here in navy from a beooootiful denim-look pure wool. I have always been a fan of wool. It has so many lovely qualities. I love its breathability, it stays looking good for so long. It is also light and incredibly warm.

For the lining have used a fabulous brocade, also in navy, with a sweeping leaf texture on it. And then echoed flashes of this inside the oversize pockets and as the lining of the jacket itself. There is no fastening on the jacket so it falls open easily showing off its sumptuous lining. All the fabrics for this jacket come from Fabworks Mill Shop.

I love navy blue. It is so much kinder to the complexion than black and has a classic couture feel. If you encompass the word quality in a colour, I think it would be navy! Combining 2 different textures of the same colour in a garment always makes it more wearable. Of course it would look great to do the cuffs in a contrasting colour….cream or red….but while it would make a statement it would also it become harder to put with patterns and other colours. I went for the versatile option this time but would LOVE to see it with a little drama too.

The three quarter length sleeves I find really practical. While I like an oversized jacket, I hate the thought of my sleeves dragging in the jam. So, the metaphorical roll up of the three quarter sleeve is perfect for me. Also, a garment like this could easily drown you so it’s good to have a small amount of flesh showing!

The Cocoon Jacket a good transitional season piece. It allows you to wear all those t shirts and short sleeve tops a little longer that you could otherwise. I’m not totally sure about wearing the full length sleeves underneath BUT if you are cold soul you can always extend those cuffs by a couple of inches to make them full length.


I have another make of this jacket using a fabulous faux leather. (I took the notches out of this one because they didn’t suit the neckline of the dress I made it to go with.) The main body is a lovely soft purple check wool and, again, the cuffs and the linings of the pockets match, this time in a dark faux leather. I may be able to wear the navy version with everything but I think this one is just a little more exciting! For more info have a look at my post on using faux leather for top tips on handling it and ideas on how and when to use it.


Perhaps the most sophisticated version of the Cocoon Jacket I’ve made is this grey one. It is a beautiful soft grey moleskin combined with my favourite wool / silk polka dot fabric (it’s a furnishing fabric actually – but hey, who cares? It’s just the right weight for this jacket and works so well as both the cuffs and the lining.) All fabrics for this one come from Fabworks Mill Shop – you can buy online from them at

There is now a FREE pattern hack available for the Cocoon Jacket to convert into the Cocoon Funnel Neck. Have a look HERE to see how to make this gorgeous polar bear style coat.