pattern-panelIf digital sewing pattern are all new to you then this page will explain what you will get and what to do to make up a full size sewing pattern. The beauty of a digital pattern is that you get it STRAIGHT AWAY. This is great when the urge hits you to start sewing, although it does add an extra step to your sewing project. Printing and assembling a downloadable pattern can take around an hour. Please note that the download link you have been sent is only valid for 24 hours. If you miss this window, you can email: admin@sewdifferent.

You will need:
  • Home / office / copy shop printer
  • A4 or US letter paper
  • Scissors or guillotine
  • Sticky tape

Once you have completed the Paypal checkout you can access you pattern in 2 ways. It appears as a link at the bottom of your Order Complete page and it also arrives as an email receipt (title: Romancart) to the address linked to you Paypal account. (These links expire after 48 hours so make sure you download it your desktop straight away. You cannot download onto an ipad or tablet)


Open it up in Adobe Reader, which is free to download. There are other PDF readers available, some integrated into your internet browser, but whichever one you are on it is ESSENTIAL to make sure that the scale is set at 100%. Go into your print settings and select “actual size” or “set scaling to 100%” or “turn off scaling” (depending on what options your system gives you).

3 – TEST

To start with, just print out the first page. This is a test square which is a way of double checking that your pattern is going to print out correctly. Your square once printed should measure 10cm. If it is any different you need to go back to point 2!


Once you are sure your test square is right, then you can go ahead and print out your whole pattern.


Cut along the frame lines – one long side and one short side – on each piece of paper. This way you are able to butt up the lines on each page. Align your pages horizontally, according to the numbers on each sheet.  There may be 6 or 7 to a row – start a new row when you see the turned arrow symbol. Tape the pages together to make one large sheet.