Model wears UK size 16

When I first launched the Tie Belt Dress it was in the depths of Winter. The original version shown on the pattern front was made in a soft faux suede. But I wanted to show how great this dress is made up in summer fabrics. Sew Different maker, Mollie Moxie has made up some great new versions here that have a real sunshine vibe. She has also done a couple of great alterations so that you can get the most out of your pattern.

The first hack is a really simple change of length, from a knee length dress to a midi style. She has also extended the length of the belt so that it can be knotted rather than just loosely tied. And finally she has added some pockets. Pockets like this are easy to add into the side seam of a dress where there is space.


I have drawn out a pocket for you to download here. Download POCKET here

Cut 4 pocket pieces. Before you put your pattern pieces together, just mark on the front and back pieces of the dress where you’d like the pocket to be. With right sides together, sew the pockets one to the front piece and one to the back on each side. Then in a continuous line of stitching, when it is time to sew your front and back together, sew around the pocket like this. EASY!

When you look at the dress from the side, you can see that she has maintained the dipped-back hem style of the original. In other words, imagine that you chopped across you pattern at about mid thigh and added the extra length there. Then you re-stick the curved bottom section onto the extra length so that the bottom of your dress maintains the curve.

I love her tropical choice of fabric. I can imagine a pretty blue pattern like this but with the belt done in a bright yellow. Or, if that’s a little much for your delicate senses, what about just reverse of the belt in a contrasting colour so that you get flashes of it as you move?

Mollie’s next adaptation is to go shorter. She has used a fabulous vintage 60s psychodelic linen and simply cut the pattern off at about hip height. It works really well as a top with jeans. It also doesn’t take a huge amount of fabric and it a great way to use those odd metres of fabric that you can’t find a use for.

Model wears UK size 16

And finally, this striking monochrome top has a fabulous drape at the edge. This is easily created by placing the FRONT and BACK of the pattern down the central fold of your fabrics and drawing out this shape (in pink) all the way to the selvedge.