Just a quick post, Seamstresses, to tell you about the FREE upgrade to the Tie Belt Dress. It has just been revamped with some light tweaks to the design and fit. The main difference is that the belt is now attached further round the waistline, towards the back, and is sneakily integrated into some new back darts. These darts reduce down the fabric at the waist and prevent bulk. The belt has also extended so that it can be tied in a double knot if need be.

If you have an original version of the Tie Belt Dress and would like to update it to the new fit, scroll down to the diagram to see where to add the darts, (you can draw this on to the BACK panel of your existing pattern), and click here to download the new longer length belt and revised instructions.

So, I’ve made two completely different versions for of Tie Belt Dress here. One is a light and casual version for my summer suitcase  and the other is a bit more dressy, for a wedding that I am going to soon.

The navy and white one is made from 100% cotton men’s shirting. I’ve trimmed the check with a soft chambray on the sleeve cuffs and on one side of the belt. Both fabrics came from Fabworks Mill shop – here is a link to their cottons page. They have an amazing array of good quality shirting including some rather delicious candy coloured stripes and checks that are quite unusual. (Shhh…some of it is Paul Smith ex-stock.) You could make an entire summer wardrobe out of these cottons – they are gorgeous, so easy to work with and wash well too.



My dazzling yellow dress is made from an amazing oversize check silk. It’s been in my stash for a few years now so it feels good to get it used. It’s a thick raw silk so it sits quite stiffly and catches the light beautifully.

There are also some great pattern adaptations and hacks for the Tie Belt Dress by Mollie Moxie that you can find HERE! They are simple alterations to the length and cut that make a real difference to it’s look and help you make the most out of the pattern.