Oooooh my favourite event of the year!! The Knitting and Stitching Show 2014 – Northern version of course! Here are a few of of my highlights / points of interest:

bobbin-holderI never thought that I would be interested in gadgets, BUT, well sewing gadgets are a whole different story. Have a look at this lovely thing. A weighted (perfect for holding your fabrics in place as you cut them) bobbin and pin holder. The bobbins sit beautifully insew-mateside the the molded rubber casing so that even when you turn it upside down they don’t fall out. AND, what is totally underrated, is the MAGNETIC pin holder. Wow, what a revelation! My poor husband has tolerated pins all over the house, in every seat and on every floor, but no longer. This device attracts them all. It is fully worth the £10 it set me back. Both the pin holder and the bobbin holder, which you can buy separately, are from a company called Sew Mate.

thread-holder-fullAnd, on to gadget number two: finally a solution to the tangled problem of my cottons. Look at this lovely piece of engineering. A board full of miniature dowels on a wooden base to hold all of your cotton reels, all visible, accessible and UNTANGLED. It even comes in a tupperware box, with handles.  Again, a tenner well spent.



I also met some great people on my walk around, but none so amazing looking as Dragonella. A cool looking costume designer, with her equally cool looking Mum. I just think there is a lot to be said for the effort that goes into styling, and these two certainly bothered. For your info, she makes all her own hair accessories – see www. as well as her own outfit.


You may recognise here from my About page, my beloved pin cushion doll. I bought this at the Knitting and Stitching Show a pin-cushion-dollscouple of years ago but couldn’t remember the lady who made it. But I found her again this year. Here she is: have a look at her beautiful collection of doll pin cushions. We chatted about the possibility of making famous and recognisable people: maybe Zandra Rhodes, Queen Elizabeth 1, ?? Don’t they all look a bit like Frida Kahlo?


And of course, there were loads of great fabrics, but the only one I bought was this lovely yellow, grey and black spot design. SO 1960s! I can just see it as a high-neck top or maybe an A line dress. Added to the cute print is an amazing textured oval weave. I will let you1960s-fabric know when it actually turns into something.

And look at this BEAUTIFUL piece of lace from a Dutch lace stall full of amazing traditional and some very modern lace. I bought this panel of delicate, but contemporary, lace backed onto a sheer black muslin. I thought it would make a great front panel to a top or even a sleeve edge. Again, I will let you know when it materialises into something.

sew-happy-ribbonThere was a lovely ribbon stand. Have a look at these as a lovely finish for your hand-made peices “Sew Lovely” or just “Sew Happy”. I am using is to finish my handmade Christmas presents.

And for those of you into bag making see this great bag clasp stand. A really good range of modern and contemporary clasps, handles, buckles and chains at good prices. Have a look at my Pinterest board for  ideas. Clasps like this work beautifully with a thick wool felt.

bag-clasps bag-clasps2