Parisienne top - FREE SEWING PATTERN LC002

The Parisienne top – FREE SEWING PATTERN is easy to wear and really feminine. It gives EVERYONE a waist. (Perfect for those of us who are pear shaped or a bit flat chested.)

This version shown here is made of a silky polyester – a bit like a lining fabric actually. It also looks especially good in silk which shows off the folds across the front of the body. It is pretty flattering as it is gathered and fitted at the back so it gives you a nipped in at the waist look. The front is a bit longer than the back and the belt is attached to the sides so there is no chance of it slipping. There are no tricky zips or buttons to contend with – just straight over the head and then belted in to fit!

It’s a fractionally more complicated than most of my other patterns. So, I would say this is ideal for people who have some experience of sewing rather than complete beginners. For example, you need to be able to gather a seam and sew it onto a band.


Courtesy of my friend Debbie, I can also show you another version of the Parisienne Top (I always think it is so helpful seeing garments made up in more than one material). I absolutely LOVE hot lips fabric she has used. I think it would look great with dark indigo denim and some red lipstick.