Our scrubs patterns are FREE to download. There are two options:

Download and print at home This version tiles together on A4 pieces of paper. (Our print at home version now has GROWN-ON SLEEVES for ease and speed):

Download the large format This version is set up on 2 sheets of A0 size paper. This can then be sent to a large format printing company. No need to leave the house, just call them and forward on the files you have downloaded. This one is not suitable for printing at home.

We do not do paper scrubs patterns.

You will find that the instructions for the Unisex Scrubs are much briefer than for our usual sewing patterns. However, we now have detailed YouTube Tutorials available (just scroll down) courtesy of Stitchless TV and Frill & Flounce.

Download your pattern

CONDITIONS OF USE: Please note that while this pattern is free, the copyright is retained by Sew Different and you are NOT AUTHORISED to post the PDF files on other websites or Facebook pages. Please always link to the Sew Different website.

If you would like to send this pattern to a printer for multiple copies, please ensure that everyone who receives the pattern is directed to this page to download their instructions and to have the opportunity to donate a coffee if they would like to.

Please note that all the time and skills taken to produce these scrubs patterns have been purely to support the NHS during this crisis and no profit has been made. Charging inflated prices for print is profiteering and we will report anyone doing so to the CMA who may take action against you.

Buy scrubs fabrics from Fabworks online

If you would like to buy me a coffee for £1.50, I would love it. Thankyou. No obligation.

Video Tutorials

Detailed step-by-step tutorial From Stitchless TV with hacks – how to lengthen/shorten and add pockets
Step-by-step exactly as the Sew Different pattern
Detailed step-by-step tutorial from Stitchless TV with hacks – drawstring waist & added pockets
Step-by-step exactly as the Sew Different pattern