Hello Seamstresses – the FREE sewing pattern for the Sheer top and vest is now available here.

It’s a great transitional number (Winter to Spring). You feel like you’re wearing short sleeves, only warmer. It was inspired by some of the lovely sheer clothing I have seen in Mint Velvet recently. Here are a few…..

Sheer top and vest - FREE SEWING PATTERN

I have made my version up with the vest in a black stretch jersey with a black polka dot printed on it which catches the light nicely as you move. It’s not totally clear in the picture but the sleeves of the sheer top are also made from the  jersey (which pulls the outfit together rather than them being two unconnected garments.)


The sheer part is a cheap synthetic black chiffon type fabric. I have also made it from a natural fibre but found it crumples really easily – so on this occasion I would stick with the cheaper stuff. Both fabrics I have used are from Fabworks Mill Shop.


I think it would look great in a pale colour too. Have a look on the Mint Velvet website at some of their lovely versions for inspiration. Or a patterned sheer over a plain jersey would be really effective and too.