We hold our hands up!

In our very first run of patterns there was an error on one of our pattern pieces. We made a last minute amendment of the length of the jacket, in line with the feedback we had from pattern testers, but unfortunately we missed one of the pieces.

As all the patterns look the same from the outside you wont know whether you have one of the original pieces with the error, or one of the newer amended patterns. The way to tell is easy. Measure the length of your pattern piece labelled “Trim”. The total length of the largest size should be 43cm. If yours measures 41.5cm, you need to make an easy amendment by hand.

If you have the pattern, it is very simple to change. Just add on the extra length at either end.

Correct length of each paper Trim piece

Size XS – 41cm

Size S – 41.5cm

Size M – 42cm

Size L – 42.5cm

Size XL – 43cm

We do apologise for the confusion and re-cutting of fabric that this may have caused