Upcycled denim bag – Refashioned jeans

By Laura Casey

Refashioned denim is a big thing at the moment and upcycling  is a GREAT way  to get rid of those jeans that have collapsed at the knee or a pair that you have LOVED but can’t bear to finally part with (even though there is absolutely no hope of squeezing back into them.) So,drag those jeans…

DIY Customised Denim

By Laura Casey

I have a long standing memory from when I was around 15, of being in my friend’s garden sanding her bum (clad in denim) with an electric sander. We were trying to create a worn look on our brand new jeans. I have always LOVED denim in all its different forms and styles. After the…


By Laura Casey

  I’m pretty obsessed with Orla Keily at the moment (and all things 60’s in case you hadn’t noticed). So, this little project is a homage to her super famous leaf pattern for which she is renowned. AND, this particular number is an upcycle from man’s shirt – but yours doesn’t have to be. You can just…

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